Crusonia on the Delta is much more than a forum. It’s a joining of passionate entrepreneurs, experts and investors with the capability to fundamentally change our food system, and with it, positively and sustainably impact our global economy.

Join us for our first of five new digital broadcasts and discussion forums titled Crusonia Conversations.

But what’s in a name?
Picture of Carter Williams, CEO and Managing Partner of iSelect Fund
Our first Crusonia Conversation will feature Carter Williams, CEO and Managing Partner of iSelect Fund, and leading global economist, professor and author Tyler Cowen discussing how the story of this mystical plant is the perfect metaphor for the work we’re doing at the nexus of food, health, and the economy. Tyler will also be one of our keynote speakers at the rescheduled Crusonia on the Delta Forum, Sept 28-30 in Memphis, TN.

The timing could not be more relevant as we are undoubtedly getting a preview of this relationship during, and in the wake of, COVID-19. The longer-term need to focus and innovate here is undeniable.

Tyler’s recent book, Stubborn Attachments, the culminationPicture of Tyler Cowen. Economist George Mason University of over 20 years of economic research, brilliantly elaborates on the metaphorical connection between the Crusonia’s growth and the transformational power of growth to create “better living standards, produce better medicines, and ensure greater autonomy, greater fulfillment, and more sources of fun.” He adds that “sustainable growth trends and the overwhelmingly positive outcomes for societies that come with it, every individual must become more concerned with the welfare of those around. So, how do we proceed?”

It starts here.

Creating sustainable economic growth while simultaneously improving global health through the innovation of, and investment in, a new and better food system is the Crusonia trifecta — and you are a part of it.

Join us on April 29 at 11am CST via Zoom to hear what Tyler and Carter have to say about the journey of modern-day Crusonians. Share your talents and perspectives on the innovation, transformation and impact possible. The link will be available to you once you’ve registered for this free 30-minute video presentation followed by live Q&A with Carter and Tyler. You will also be able to view the presentation at a later time or share it with others. All are welcome.