The Global Food System is Being Disrupted. Producers are pushing for more efficiency. Consumer demands are changing. Costs are climbing. And today’s legacy agriculture companies aren’t prepared to meet these challenges on their own.

But there is opportunity in this shakeup. Just as the breakup of AT&T in the 1980s created a new world of innovative companies like Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and more, so too is today’s changing Food and Agriculture market opening the door to smart entrepreneurs, investors and visionaries.

Our conference is where those in the middle of this massive change meet to share challenges, debate strategies and discuss solutions. It’s where the 300 leaders closest to this massive shift in the food system come together. It’s bigger than telecom, bigger than dot-com, and it’s happening now.

The goals of this event are threefold:

  • Starting conversations: It is rare that 300 of the best and the brightest in Food System Innovation — everyone from farmers, wholesalers, landowners and multinational ag/food behemoths to startups, investors, retailers and consumers — gather in one place to discuss and debate the big issues and challenges they’re all facing. We identify and presents the timeliest information to this select group of industry leaders, kickstarting conversations and relationships that are shaping the future of Food System Innovation.
  • Identifying leaders: The next generation of Food System Innovators aren’t coming out of corporate R&D departments. They are entrepreneurs, toiling away at startups and solving big problems. Memphis brings these entrepreneurs together and introduces them — and their technologies — to the investors and corporate executives that can help drive their work forward.
  • Creating partnerships:  Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. Partnerships between stakeholders are critical to developing new technologies and making a real impact in the field. Startups, enterprises and investors need to work together to ensure that the promise of Innovation becomes a reality, and these partnerships are formed at Memphis in May.


Memphis in May 2018 brought together 33 Food System startups, representing a total of $1.1 billion raised and three exits. On the investment side, 18 major ag investors attended in 2018, representing 519 total active portfolio companies, at least 201 exits and at least $2.2 billion in assets under management.

  • Food System Startups
  • Capital Providers
  • Ag/Food Industry Insiders


A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available. Learn about the latest in food system innovation from entrepreneurs and investors who are blazing the path forward. Share your brand with key industry leaders and form meaningful partnerships that will help define the global food system of tomorrow. Contact Paul Noglows to learn more.

Davos on the Delta is now Crusonia on the Delta

Our 2020 event will introduce Crusonia on the Delta. A Crusonia is a mythical plant named for its discovers. The plant was capable of providing bountiful, accessible and sustainable nutrition provided it was cared for, nurtured and cultivated. We felt the story of the Crusonia is the perfect metaphor for the solutions we’ll continue to explore together such as Food System C and the intrinsic relationship between Food and Health. Practical, affordable, accessible and sustainable answers to these challenges will be our modern day Crusonias; and you today’s Crusonian.

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