Celebrating its fourth year in 2020, the Forum is dedicated to fostering conversations and relationships focused on the dramatically changing global food system with special emphasis on the fact that FOOD IS HEALTH. We need innovative solutions that not only advance a more nutritional, and plentiful food system but one that improves efficiency and affordability.

Thanks for taking part in the 2020 FOOD IS HEALTH Digital Forum on November 18, 2020.

2020 Participants


Crusonia on the Delta has never been your usual conference environment, and COVID-19 has forced us to take up our game once again; on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, we hosted an immersive and interactive digital gathering of the most brilliant agricultural minds, forward-thinking investors, cutting-edge farmers, frontline doctors, and researchers, and restless entrepreneurs engaged in a highly interactive, solutions-oriented discussion about the future of Food and Health and how it is reshaping the global food system, specifically in the Memphis and the Delta region.



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