Sustainability and Soil Health – Is Agriculture the solution to our environmental problems?

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The American farmer is under attack. Runoff from farms is forming silt in lakes and rivers. Fertilizers are linked to algal blooms. Cows are the leading source of methane. But, farmers have no incentive to pollute but do they have an incentive to conserve?. If they are not stewards of their land, who is?. Conservation can reduce cost and risk, but is that enough of a financial incentive? Organic equals Sustainable, or was it Regenerative? Why isn’t more being done? Do they have the right tools? What is the right metric? Is the supply chain doing enough?


Jerry Lynch – VP, Chief Sustainability Officer, General Mills

Dave Stanko – Head of Agrible, Nutrien Ag Solutions

Lee Scheufler – Farmer

Moderator: Michael Doane – Global Managing Director, Sustainable Food & Water, The Nature Conservancy