Challenges Farmers Face Today

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We hear every day about all the things keeping farmers awake at night – weather, yield, labor, financing, inputs, crop protection, commodity prices, trade, profitability, regulation, conservation, too much data, not enough data . . . And, there are seemingly a thousand new solutions that pop up. But, what are the areas that could really help to move the needle? What are the key attributes a solution needs to have? What does a farmer need to see in order to consider adopting? Hear the farmers’ perspective as to what their problems are and how solutions need to be structured to get them to adopt.


Tim Woods – President, G. M. Lawrence and Co.

Gary Wishnatzki – CEO Wish Farms, Co-Founder, Harvest CROO Robotics

Craig Ratajczyk – CEO, Illinois Soybean Association

Moderator: Kevin Van Trump – CEO, Farm Direction