By 2035, there are no more chemical input companies. Growth stimulation, disease suppression, nitrogen fixation, pest control, and nutrient enhancement are just a few of the things we know that the organisms in the microbiome are able to do. The soil microbiome is the incredibly diverse and varied collection of microorganisms that live in, occupy and regulate soil environments. The role of each is relatively unknown, and new discoveries are being made every day. If we can do so many things naturally, why would we ever need to do them with chemicals again?

But, the microbiome is just that – a biome – a large, naturally occurring community. So, what does that mean? There are some companies going after single bugs. Others use a collection of microorganisms. Is there a correct approach?


David Stark – President, Holganix
Pamela Marrone – Founder & CEO, Marrone Bioinnovations
Ernie Sanders – VP R&D, Pivot Bio