When the ethanol market finally collapsed in 2035, politicians had no idea what to do. Where was their lobby?

But the transition was much more subtle and took a lot longer to take hold. With the rise of alternate proteins, one by one farmers transitioned away corn and soy to high value contracted crops. Hyper customized textiles require short supply chains. Consumers worried about source materials forced Patagonia to vertically integrate. In an effort to streamline supply chains, textile mills replaced silos, feeding directly into regional clothing production facilities. What about dandelions? They are a domestic source of natural rubber. What about indigo? It is a sustainable source of “denim” dye.

The future is unlikely to lie in just corn, soy, and wheat.


Dan Swiger – CEO, Kultevat
Sarah Bellos – President, Stony Creek Colors
James Woolsey – Former Director, CIA